Laura Blanchard headshot, November 2022

Laura V. Blanchard
2041 Christian Street | Philadelphia PA 19146
(215) 985-1445 voice

Featured link: Laura's Flickr photo page. (Approaching 60,000 images -- a sure sign of a misspent life!)

Social media:

Facebook (most active):@lbphilly
Twitter (not posting these days): @lbphilly

Has an Instagram account but never got into the habit -- same login as Facebook


Laura Blanchard maintains the Blanchard Company website and provides editorial support to the Week in Review. Now retired from client management, she counts these among her past clients:

With her colleague, Adam Corson-Finnerty, she was co-author of Fundraising and Friendraising on the Web, published by American Library Editions in 1998.

Volunteer activities have included:


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