The Railroad Week in Review

A weekly summary of railroad industry trends and indicators for railroad managers and customers. This essential newsletter is a compendium of railroad industry news and commentary sent via e-mail as a PDF document. WIR enjoys a paid subscriber list that includes all the publicly traded railroad companies plus the leading shortline operators as well as railroad customers ranging from ag products to chemicals to building materials.

Reader feedback is an important and unique feature. Items of particular concern to shortlines - paper barriers, fuel surcharges, Class I pricing practices, the seeming de-marketing of some commodity O-D pairs - make regular appearances.

WIR maintains a confidential closed list of shortline industry leaders who are willing to discuss sensitive issues without attribution so that the nuances and concerns may be aired. Sometimes the topics covered in this closed-loop round-table may become themes for Railway Age or Trains articles, thus guaranteeing an even wider audience. In every case, topics thus opened to discussion among WIR readers either are or shortly become items for discussion at Class I shortline meetings.

In this way WIR supports the work of the Railway Industry Working Group, the various Class I caucus groups, and the mission of the ASLRRA.

To contribute to Railroad Week in Review, send e-mail to Roy Blanchard


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